Believe it or not, it’s our favourite month of the year! It’s all about trying new things, pushing our boundaries just a little and getting out of the comfort zone pants. And one of things on the ‘fu bucket list in 2019 is to get more involved in the food community here in Brighton. In the past 12 months, we’ve been introduced to so many amazing small food producers and food businesses in Sussex. So much passion surrounds us here when it comes to the subject of food. We are even luckier in Brighton because so much of that passion has it’s heart in healthy eating, plant-based and innovative foods. There literally is no better city to test the water with our chickpea tofu than Brighton.

One of these inspiring business people I’ve met is Gem (Gems Wholesome Kitchens). She has literally held my hand throughout the past year. Gem, has been my unelected and unpaid mentor, giving me advice and generally propping up my ego! The amazing dishes that she has created using our Tohu made our mouths water. She has marinated our chickpea tofu to perfection, skewered it, grilled it, fried it and the results have been impressive. Want to know how to cook tofu? Imaginative is the keyword here. In her regular monthly Cleanse packages, she rescues those that would love to keep a healthy, nutritious, mood-boosting diet..with a door to door delivery service. Like most people who live in busy Brighton, people simply do not have time to cook themselves at certain periods, when working a full-time commute to London, or being a mum to a new baby. These are times when you need the nutrition the most! Check out her testimonials…Gems the best, hands down and try this amazing Tohu Ramen recipe.

Gems Wholefood Kitchen

…marinated our chickpea tofu to perfection, skewered it, grilled it, fried it and the results have been impressive

We became friends. We thought, let’s join forces and host an intimate supper club in a cool venue. We want to feed people a scrumptious and wholesome 4 course supper. We want to use the best seasonal and local produce. We want it to be mood-boosting and just so happen to be plant based. We want it to be friendly, fun and for everyone to leave with a warm feeling in their tummy. We want it to be for both women and men equally…you know, like how it should be in the world. We want everyone there to leave having met at least one new person they’ve connected with. That’s what life’s about isn’t it? And the exciting thing is that you never know who you will meet, and what this new connection may hold in store for you in the future.

So our first event, “another supper club”, will be on the very last day of January. It’s a near enough to the weekend to want to be sociable. It’s the end of the month that most people have stopped this, that or the other…we want to show you that you can eat well, drink well and not feel deprived! The emphasis here will be on wholesome foods that will fill you up just enough, no pushing peas around plates here.

This event sold out the day the tickets went on sale so it seems to host on January 31st is a good idea all around.

Find out what we cooked that night here.