This fab Miso broth from Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen is great for the gut health which improves digestion and boosts energy. Get creative as you like with this and add as many raw bright veggies as you can. It will make you smile. Shitake mushrooms are full of B Vitamins which help increase a positive mood and reducing stress naturally.

Serves: 1

Cooktime: 20m

Prep time: 10m

Difficulty: Easy


Gluten Free

everything you need

Tablespoon of Miso paste


A teaspoon of coconut/olive oil. 

A Splash of tamari

Handful of dried seaweed

A slice of fresh ginger

A handful of shitake mushrooms (dried)

Chopped noodles such as buckwheat or soba

Raw chopped veggies such as beansprouts, sliced carrots, spinach and radish.

Fresh coriander and chopped chilli to serve.

Add extra Tohu if you like here for added protein.

Step 1

Put the miso paste, seaweed, dried mushrooms and water in a saucepan on a high heat and bring to the boil. 

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Step 2

Add the ginger and tamari and simmer for 10 minutes. Then strain using a sieve. 

Step 3

Slice up the Tohu block into the desired shape. Heat some coconut oil (or any other preferred oil) in a shallow frying pan. Once the oil is nice and hot, add the tohu and pan fry until sealed and nicely browned on either side. Remove from the pan and set to rest.

Step 4

In the soup bowl or mug add the cooked noodles, tohu and chosen veggies and pour the broth over. Add chopped fresh coriander and chilli. 

Step 5

Leave for 5 minutes and then eat or as I do drink!

Gem's Tofu Chilli Ramen

This recipe has come from the genius plant-based chef Gems Wholesome Kitchen. Brighton based Gem, creates mood-boosting meals for her clients who subscribe to monthly meal delivery packages. Find her on Instagram @gemswholekitchens or via her website –