Quick Tohu Katsu Curry

Vegan Tohu Katsu Curry

A quick and easy vegan mid-week meal that uses ingredients you've already got at home. Crunchy Tohu served with fluffy rice and smooth Katsu sauce.

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Lemongrass Tohu with Crunchy Red Cabbage

Tara Guinness, works her magic on this warming Tohu dish with Lemongrass. Vibrant and crunchy, a quick easy taste sensation.

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Green Summer Soup with Crispy Tohu Croutons

Here is a perfect recipe for any day of the week where you need that boost. Daniela Exley, nutritionist and food stylist/photographer, has sent us this recipe that she loves.

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Summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce

Heatwave season calls for a favourite recipe from Nicola from The Kleen Kitchen, Summer Rolls. A take on a classic vietnamese summer roll made with rice paper and eaten with lots of raw vegetables.

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Gem's Tofu Chilli Ramen

Gem’s Healing Tofu Ramen

This fab Miso broth from Gem's Wholesome Kitchen is great for the gut health which improves digestion and boosts energy.

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Vegan ‘Egg’ Mayo Sandwich

Chickpea tofu makes an incredible substitute for egg… similar texture and when slathered with either homemade or shop bought vegan mayo, it’s a new favourite.

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Sticky Sesame Tofu (on toast)

Yogi and PT, Kate Winter enjoys this as a post workout or yoga practice brunch, stacked on avocado toast. You can switch the toast out to make it gluten free.

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Black Bean and Roasted Garlic Tohu Scramble

This dish is a little twist on a fabulous recipe from Anna Jones. Scrambled Tohu is a perfect substitute for those who miss their beloved scrambled eggs since becoming plant-based.

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Chickpea Tofu Fritters
Brighton Fu-fighters Sticker

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Chickpea Tofu Chips