My entire childhood, since moving from Burma in 1981, was spent eating the most delicious home-cooked burmese food. It wasn’t until I started following a plant-based diet in the summer of 2017, whilst chatting with my mum in her kitchen, that I realised that my most beloved ‘burmese tofu’, was made from chickpeas…and not soya like the others.

This tofu was so much tastier, fuller and more wholesome than it’s soy-sibling. That very afternoon, Su-Su showed me how she made it, what she used to flavour it, the exact smell of when it is ready and the best way to cook and eat it afterwards. Armed with my passed down wisdom, off I went home to Brighton, to make batch after batch after batch. Practice makes perfect and now I’m over the moon that I’m able to share these batches with you and your friends.

Fu Fighters Chickpea Tofu

From Burma to Brighton

We are still a small operation in Brighton, but that has not stopped our chickpea tofu sparking interest from some of the coolest Brighton gastro-pubs, seafront cafes, private catering chefs and whole food deli’s. Some of whom have supported us from the start and are regular customers. We are regulars at our local farmers markets and always try keep in touch with our customers through in-store tastings. We are still growing! So you never know where you’ll see or taste it next!

Chickpea Tofu Fritters
Brighton Fu-fighters Sticker

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