another supper club

To celebrate the end of January 2019, we collaborated with Gem’s Wholesome Kitchens to make ‘another supper club”…a little off shoot of both our businesses. We wanted to have some fun, amongst like-minded people and talk food and life. Both of us are huge believers in food as an incredible tool to boost your vitality and mood, raise your energy levels and help to heal.

This was our menu on the night along with the beer pairing for each course, as suggested by Holler Brewery. More about Holler Brewery here.

Welcome cocktail:

Rosehip & rosemary kombucha mule (We used Old Tree kombucha, added a shot of vodka and topped up with Fever Tree Ginger Ale)


White bean, basil and garlic hummus, flax crackers and sun-dried tomato. Maple roasted beetroot, Ospalla’s smoked vegan cheese, apple and walnut.


Kale, Tohu & black rice noodle salad, dressed in tamarind and tamari, garnished with fried shallots, peanuts, coriander and dried chilli + Loot 5.5% : This is our New England IPA, which is very low bitterness with peach and apricot notes from the yeast strain used.


Purple sweet potato & cauliflower soup topped with baked crispy ‘Fu-tons and toasted almonds + The Bear 8.7% : Our new porter, this contains cocoa nibs, vanilla and bourbon.

Main Course:

Yellow indian banana blossom taco, cashew raita & racy apple chutney + Lager 4.8% : The lager is soft and clean, which is going to allow for the spices and citrus to shine through


Beetkvas poached pear crumble & lemon cream + Extra Pale 4% : This is light enough to let the pear flavour come through, whilst cleansing the palate.

mood credentials

Kale. High in mood-boosting magnesium, which creates a feeling of calm and plays a large role in the development of serotonin which helps beat stress and depression.

Purple potato contains the antioxidant beta-carotene which helps with reducing free radical damage to brain cells. They are a great mood-boosting food as they are high in folate and a deficiency in folate has been linked to depression.

Banana Blossom contains magnesium, banana flowers reduce anxiety and boosts the mood. They are natural anti-depressants without any side effects. 

Beet kvass, as a fermented drink, is also teeming with beneficial bacteria that help protect the gut and produce important enzymes that aid digestion.

Anger, anxiety, sadness, and happiness all of these feelings (and others) can trigger symptoms in the gut … therefore, a person’s stomach or tummy problems can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression. So look after your gut health with natural probiotics and fermented foods.

The key ingredient that should never be missing, is the joy of company, curiousity and connection. We hope we’ve helped add the final ingredient by bringing you all to one table tonight.