So, on Friday 3rd May…we get invited to chat on 1btn radio.

It was definitely more of ‘who you know’ than ‘what you know’ that got us there, but never the less, we were more than happy that this was the highlight of our week. 1btn is a volunteer run, awesome Brighton music station. It sits at the heart of a vibrant music community here in Brighton and hosts an eclectic variety of hosts, dj’s and music. There is always something uber cool to listen to, plus it’s digital, so listeners tune-in worldwide to hear the beats we are nodding our heads to.

We love being part of such an amazing city, and so when Lucy “Elle J” Small of Funk the Format, asked us if we would go on her weekly Friday morning show, the answer was so obviously yes. Butterflies. We know Lucy from working together on her renowned festivals, Funk the Format and Funk the Family, so she is not a stranger to us. However..being on the radio was a NEW thing and yes, we were nervous. Especially as we arrived in the ‘bunker’ just before the show started, the alarm for the entire building was our backdrop, eek.

It’s all good though, and Lucy’s charming radio manner eased us into the chat, a few tweaks on the mic levels and before long, you couldn’t keep us quiet. A teeny insight into behind the scenes, thoughts, inspirations and who we are as brand, can be glimpsed in the show. Judge for yourself..put the kettle on, sit back and listen to us chat. Hear our favourite tracks to cook ‘fu to, how a bacon-double cheeseburger ended our 9 years of vegetarianism and why we want the Wu-Tang clan to play if we ever launch in Waitrose.

From the 33rd min onwards if you are stuck for time and want to fast-forward straight to us. And it goes without saying, if you can please do listen to the entire show as Lucy goes on to chat with the super talented artist from all angles, Barney Trattles (chums101)…seriously a man with so much to say about music, art, dance, you name it. Happy listening.

Wanna hear more of Funk the Format or 1btn?